Photo Jim Gares. Freeflyers Yohan Aby, Vincent Cotte

Sky on Stage Games

Compete with your team in one or more of the 5 different skydiving games!

Register to one or more of the contests within October the 12th 2020 and send one video of your best flying choreography within December the 1st, 2020.

One jump only!

Only Free routines.
Do your competition jump at any Skydiving Center of your choice
Mixed nationalities teams welcomed
Awards for the winning Teams offered by our Partners

Sky on Stage is a skydiving team’s game challenge involving several different artistic contests:

Photo Ale Mooney. Freestyler Marianne Cotrin

2 Way Freefly/Freestyle

1 performer + 1 cameraflyer

Photo Max Haim. Freeflyers Luca Tondelli, Luca Giovannini, Ulisse Idra

3 Way Freefly/Skydance

2 performers + 1 cameraflyer

Photo Max Haim
Photo Max Haim. Freeflyers at Mountain Gravity

5 Way Freefly/Skydance

4 performers + 1 cameraflyer

photo Jame Boole, wingsuit pilot Roberta Mancino Luca Barbieri
Photo James Boole. Wingsuit pilots Roberta Mancino Luca Barbieri

3 Way Wingsuit

2 performers + 1 cameraflyer

Teamwork with K.nut, Empuries, SpainbyBrunoBrokken
Photo Bruno Brokken. Skysurfer Viviane Wegrath


1 performer + 1 cameraflyer

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